Evolutionary Algorithms are naturally inspired approximation optimization algorithms used in many scientific problems, mostly used to provide plausible approximate solutions when exact solutions require an unreasonable amount of time using traditional exhaustive brute-force search techniques for space exploration.

This post dives into one successful metaheuristic algorithm, called Stochastic Fractal Search originally introduced by Dr Hamid Salimi, in his article.

As the name suggests Stochastic Fractal Search (SFS) uses a concept called the fractal in a form of stochasticity to search a certain search space.

In case you studied computer graphics, you should have admired those impressive recursive patterns called fractal…

(Demo) Looks better than replacing without smoothing (Explained below)

Hi there,
many of us have heard of First Order Motion model for image animation which is used to produce extremely fascinating taking-heads and dancing sculptures through a driving video to animate a single image!

Let’s start with a simple example to make the title clear,

Imagine we are given 2 groups of things, a group of circles and another group of triangles and we want to try all possible circle-triangle pairs.

Mohammed El komy

Teaching Assistant, A deep learning enthusiast, Passionate about Algorithms and problem-solving, An Origami practitioner.

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